Trash WavePhoto Credit: Madeleine Towler Lovell


A hybrid dance of a body colonised by found waste.

In her new durational installation work Trash Wave, upcoming performance maker Cloé Fournier brings a visceral heartbreaking and sophisticated choreography in which the performer inhabits an environment violated by trash.
Trash Wave is a bitter-sweet visual poem where the performer is absorbed by a garment called Rags to Itches, made of found waste from our Sydney beaches, designed by Award-Winning "trashion" designer Marina DeBris.

The work explores the disastrous romance between our human envelope and the leftovers of our existence.
An existence made of excess.
It questions the world we are leaving to the future generation and exposes our society to the plague that is consumerism.

It all lies here below the spectator’s eyes.

Standing still, witness time passing by, time leading to our potential ending.
But what if...


The body swallowed by remains of civilisation. A plastic membrane. A breath of chemical.
The corpse oscillates, moving; yet almost dead.
A force of nature.
Survival of a specie. A peculiar life.
The life of a future self where the skin has been colonised by a pest.
Us. Oblivious.
Us and our “too much”.
Us and our “wanting more”.
Us and our uncontrollable tendency for destruction.
Nature, reminding Us to care.

[Cloé Fournier, April 2018]