HumanoidPhoto Credit: Freda Ludowici


Animal and human converge to become a hybrid creature born form cultural socialisation.

In her new solo work Humanoid, Cloé Fournier embodies the female form as the absolute centre of attention. She examines the metamorphosis of the female entity obliged to constantly adapt to a demanding society or to reconfigure, as a means for survival.

Humanoid poetically investigates the choreographic possibilities of the body by studying the animals that are historically associated with the female form: birds.

This bird is a confused feminist.

And Humanoid is a blur. An introspective. A reflection. A tease. A version of. It is a feeling. A response. A provocation. A disaster, where the female form is both cause and effect.

The bird is prey, or so they think. This bird is a predator, or so they wish.

This bird simply is.